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Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Technical SEO (search engine optimization) is an important part of search engine optimization, as it helps search engines index the content of your website correctly, increasing your chances of ranking higher in search engine indexes.

Technical SEO

Logical and semantic website structure as well as subdivision of pages, content, website speed, annotation of content and even the structure of the code on the website itself are some of the things that are important and can really help you achieve better rankings in search results.

At Venari Digital, we offer all our customers a technical analysis of your website when purchasing our SEO product. In the analysis, we go through the technical structure of the website in depth and make suggestions on how each point can be optimized for the best possible indexing.

Technical SEO

SEO and Technical SEO

Search engine optimization is about making sure everything visible on your website plays correctly. This includes, for example, page titles (title tag), page descriptions (meta-description) and even the text on the individual pages.

Technical SEO looks at everything that is not immediately visible to users, but which allows search engines to index your website correctly.

Google and other search engines want to give their users (searchers) the best experience and the best results for their queries. For this reason, websites are crawled for a long list of factors, some that are known and some that no one outside of Google knows what they are.

Some factors are based on the user experience of a website, how fast it is for example, others are based on whether search engines can access the individual pages, whether they can understand them and whether they are complete in their information.

Importance of Technical SEO

Technical search engine optimization can be the difference between a website that ranks well and a website that can’t be found in search results at all.

Indexing and blocking

For a website to be indexed, it must be accessible to search engines. It is sometimes seen that new websites, or old ones for that matter, cannot be indexed as search engines are denied access through a “robots.txt” file or other methods located at the root of your website (not all sites have one).

Important resources such as CSS and JavaScript files may also be blocked, which means that search engines will not load these when indexing websites, and thus not get the full picture of what your website looks like. Of course, not giving search engines full access to your website can have a negative effect on your ranking.

Not all subpages on your website should be indexed. For example, if you have a category with both filtering and sorting, this often creates new addresses that can be used to access a specific filtering or sorting directly.

For example:

The bold text above shows an example of filter and sort parameters that create an additional URL without any new content. Typically, these pages will also have the same category description, and if you have many filter options, any combination of filter and sort parameters will be indexed. This can create thousands of addresses with no unique content, which can compromise the indexing of newly created pages and/or products, in addition to creating other issues.

Website pagespeed

One of the things that plays a big role for websites nowadays is website speed, which is especially true on mobile, where up to 53% of visitors leave websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Google has previously stated that website load time will have an impact on ranking in search results.

This is therefore a very important point in a technical review of a website.

Structured data

Structured data does not have a direct impact on the website’s ranking, but can highlight the website’s search results by augmenting the normal results with e.g. images, or extra information such as product prices, stock status, reviews etc.

For this reason, the website’s search results can be more prominent in the search results, which can increase both the eye-catching and click-through rate of the results.

Depending on the CMS your website is built on, it depends on whether structured data is already implemented or if there are modules to handle it. If you don’t find an easy solution through your CMS, structured data can be implemented through Google Tag Manager or other tag management systems.

Google’s extended results testing tool can help you check if your website uses structured data. Remember to test at all levels, e.g. front page and product level.

The many considerations

The points above are just a small selection of the many technical aspects we take into account when analyzing a website’s technical setup in relation to SEO.

There are many things to think about and keep track of, and in certain situations it’s extra important to have the technical aspects under control to avoid losing rankings.

Keep an eye on the website and on our blog, which is regularly updated with new articles on all the topics we offer our services in.

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